The Conservatives Are Crowing

The poll numbers show Romney making gains. The conservatives are crowing. They think they are going to take their country back. The country of Opie and Andy Griffith, of the self-made man who depends on many lesser beings who get labeled inferior, a la Ayn Rand. I built this and I owe nobody anything. That’s their rant. What they don’t get is that they are one of the inferiors. My wife and I often say, after we’ve read or heard some conservative go off on how the slackers and inept, Romney’s 47%, have taken over the country, while they, the makers as opposed to the takers, have to labor under this horrible weight of government, will say, “Let them get into government again, but this time, unlike Bush’s debacle, no one will save the country. We’ll just put more Republicans in b/c 8 years under Romney will be more than enough power and time to convert our constitution into a license to loot. And loot they will, sucking everything they can out of this country and leaving everyone, including the erstwhile conservatives and Republicans an empty shell. The Romneys and their ilk will take their money to other places and start up there, finishing off the American economy on their way out. At no time will I listen to anyone who ever voted Republican complain about their fate.

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