Ciao, mama.

Holy smokes! My grandson has gone nuts for Italian and I have no idea where it came from. I’ve been teaching him for a week or more now and he is comprehending sentences like Where does the dog who is a friend of Flower (our dog) live, in which house? (I have pictures I’ve drawn of all the items in the “stories” I’m telling him). I do a comprehension check with him, having him tell me what I’ve said, and he can go on quite accurately, repeating what I’ve said. He understands long trains of words like, “In this school your brother has a friend named Christopher and this is the school where you go, but the dog doesn’t go to school. The dog has a doggie friend down the street in this house……..” etc.
What surprises me is that he uses Italian himself. Just now he told his brother, “Andiamo, we have to clean up.” It is driving his mom and dad nuts b/c they get ciao, mama, dove nonna, bene, ciao….. etc. and this after just one week.
We’ll see how far it goes. It sure is pushing my little bit of Italian.

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