Obama shoots

Today’s NYT has an article about Obama skeet shooting. They say critics scoffed. They are of two kinds: Jon Stewart who represents an urban culture that derides hunters, gun collectors, target shooters, etc. as “gun nuts”, and conservatives who completely and totally, without reservation, believe Obama is a communist jihadi born in Africa and out to destroy this country. I simply will not hear of so-called “moderate” conservatives who think we should tone down talk of Obama’s illegitimacy b/c when that talk seemed to be propelling Republican candidates, they were all for it. They have no honor and I do not understand why the news media quotes Fox News and other conservative voices; they are all liars or dupes. BTW, whatever happened to real conservatives?
My ire is directed therefore at liberal skeptics of the president’s enjoyment of shooting. I have been a liberal Democrat all my life, a “blue diaper baby”, if you will, and I was on my high school rifle team here in Phoenix. Jon Stewart simply would not understand that. I love Jon Stewart, but he has his limitations and I wish liberals would shake themselves a bit and get real. They seem to wallow in stereotypes almost as bad as the conservatives. A few years ago my wife and I accompanied our son and granddaughter up north for a day and I tried a few shots with his Glock. To some liberals I guess that’s like saying, “Oh, on our cruise, I threw a baby overboard just for the fun of it.” They’re as nuts as the conservatives.
If the Democratic Party can get real, they’ll beat the GOP even worse, like a rented mule. But first they have to get over the idea that all liberals and all Democrats live in Manhattan.

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