George Will’s column on diversity training

George Will wrote another one of his dunder-headed columns. The comments were, mercifully, intelligent attempts to show how distorted Will’s views are. Some of the comments were, predictably, idiotic.
FYI, his column was on some supposedly monstrous diversion of educational effort into “diversity training”. Fortunately, one commenter set the record straight on two things he wrote. Why do conservatives feel it is ok to lie, distort, and villify? Please bear in mind, George Will is one of the GOOD conservatives, one who thinks calling immigrants vermin and Blacks a drag on society is not right, unlike most Republicans. The GOP has pretty much taken over the conservative movement in this country, to the detriment of both. When even an intelligent, educated man like Will can write this drivel about education and attempts to get people to work together despite the vicious smears of marginalized groups immigrants, women, racial and religious minorities, handicapped people, and poor people we have to throw up our hands and forget about trying to communicate with our fellow citizens; it’s hopeless.

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