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I just found a book on my shelf that’s been there for many years. I thought it was a scholarly work beyond my abilities regarding Modern Greek dialects, something to get into once I had learned Greek. But, curious about something, I pulled it off the shelf and found it is really a how-to-learn-Greek book but very academic and very German. It assumes a knowledge of Ancient Greek but that doesn’t seem to be an obstacle; he just refers frequently to A.G. forms to explain current ones even though he said he wouldn’t do that.
I googled him and found him to be [N.B. Latin construction] quite famous.
What is so “cool” about it is that it was written in 1910 but vigorously defends the domotiki over the katharevousa i.e. the popular over the “purist” language. Moreover, he derides the purists for their faulty knowledge of A. G, leading to all sorts of errors, anachronisms, etc. It’s great, esp. knowing that it would be another 30 years before Triandaphyllidis published his 1941 codification of the popular language and another 60 years before the dictatorial, conservative colonels would release their grip on the language and the demotiki would become the official language of Greece and the language of officialdom!

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