Just to explore:

Just to explore:
the words came to me: remember’em. That’s the normal way to say Remember them in speech. Yet I hear many students say that contractions are “wrong”. I think that may come from English teachers telling them not to use contractions in formal writing, but I have heard teachers describe contractions as slovenly and unclear speech. That shows they do not know how English works. The stress-timed syllabic structure does not permit full enunciation of each syllable the way a syllable-timed language like Japanese or Spanish does.
Such people are unaware of the strong/weak alternations of English grammar words like pronouns. They believe that full stress pronunciation following the written form is what is called for despite the oddities it produces.
If we look at a phrase like They are them. Grammar mavens, of course, would call for They are they, using the so-called nominative form in the predicate following Latin. The normal pronunciation of that is They’re them. They’re they sounds very unEnglish but that does not disturb the mavens b/c they are taught to believe that there is a magical template for a language that we all should follow no matter what crazy places it leads us.
I like They’s them or even Them’s them, using the singular verb and the oblique form of the pronoun even in the subject position. Certainly those usages are not standard English, but we don’t speak standard English all the time (the mavens try to and pretend they do, but they don’t either, else you’d have them saying things like, “Oh, look, that’s I in the photo.”
And if you explain that ‘em is a form of them (the weak form), and is actually an Old English word while them is a Norse word borrowed in one of the rare borrowings of a grammatical word like a pronoun, it won’t matter b/c they will state that they follow the rules, no matter what.
The mavens think that people speak randomly unless they’re trained, but they cannot explain why no one ever says They are ‘em or They’s ‘em. Why not? Those examples make perfect sense if you think people who say They are them aren’t following the rules. But they are in fact following rules that very tightly constrain them, the speakers; they just are not the same rules the mavens want us all to follow, they are the rules of English. That’s right, they’s them.

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