Common Crap

Here’s what Common Core, just like NCLB, looks like on the ground.
> I have to vent. During our department’s weekly meeting, an administrator
> came in and told us to be sure we aren’t teaching any material that’s not
> in the chapter. He said that we have to show student improvement and if we
> teach them advanced material (for instance Spanish 2 grammar in a Spanish 1
> class) when they go to take that later test they won’t do as poorly on the
> pretest and they won’t show exceptional growth on the post test. He really
> said that.
> Frustrated in Indiana
Someone I know is working at a charter school teaching social studies, but not really. He’s been told very plainly, very explicitly, that his job is to support the English teacher even to the detriment of the students’ understanding of history. Clearly a response to Common Core. More here as I learn more. As Rachel would say, Watch this space.
The category should be Politics because that’s what all this really is. It sure isn’t about learning or teaching.

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