An interpreter’s job

I need to interpret the words of a Tea Party lady in Texas, from Southern to Standard English. She wants Obama impeached. He is occupying the White House unconstitutionally b/c he’s a foreigner, born in Kenya. Never mind that he was born in the U.S. Forget that, in order to follow her unimpeachable logic.
She wants Ted Cruz to be president. When it was pointed out to her that Ted Cruz was, in fact, in reality, all foreign concepts to Republicans, born in another country, Canada, she said it was different and he was born of an American mother. When it was pointed out to her that so was Obama, EVEN IF HE WERE BORN IN KENYA, she held that it was still different. When pressed (like all those lamestream media types this reporter was from a local Texas newspaper), she replied that she just didn’t consider Canada foreign soil.
Now, here is the interpretation. She considers Canada to be a White country, whereas Kenya is a Black country. What bothers Republicans and anyone associated with them about Obama is that he is BLACK, and anything else they say is pure bullshit. The Tea Party started about ten minutes after Obama was sworn in and since he has, lamentably, pursued a lot of Bush’s policies; even when everyone acknowledges they are Bush’s policies, they still oppose them as more of Obama’s jihadi socialism and Kenyan anti-colonialism (read: anti-White).
The issue has been from the beginning these people’s fear, going back to slavery when in many parts of the country Black slaves were a large percentage of the population, sometimes the majority, and the slave holders inculcated this fear: that the Blacks will murder White people in their beds.

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