More books from the university library

Thursday I went back to ASU library for the book Finnish Lessons. The first few words bring up TRUST as the necessary ingredient, something I blogged on here several years ago. John McWhorter has a book to acquaint teachers with how English works so they don’t repeat the same stupid “rules” and totally confuse students. I copied out a page and a half and sent it to flteach for the grammar mavens to vomit over.
I went to the sections of Greek literature and the troubadours and got a really good book on each topic. Neither offers the literature itself but the social and historical context of each. After reading these, I feel better about delving into the literature itself.
I also checked out of the public library the book The Butler, on which the movie is based in part. I’m still working on Maldonado’s A Media Voz but finished El Llano en Llamas. Good stories, strongly Mexican Spanish.

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