Oh, to be elegant!

I get kick out of how the women in my household answer the request over the phone to speak with them by saying, “This is she”. I associate that silly expression more with women because most likely women use it more than men (“This is he.” doesn’t ring true as something I’ve ever heard anyone say) since it is well documented that women attempt to speak the standard more than men do. We call that “sounding proper”.
In overtly case languages like Russian one could say Eto ya This [is] I, but Eto on This [is] he, is doubtful to my non-native-speaker ear. I can check that out. But in English, This is she sounds like pointing to a picture of yourself and proudly shouting, “Look! It’s I….. and look here, this is I standing on the beach” etc.
This is an example of how the distortions built into teaching English in the schools have corrupted our sense of our own language. Most people should laugh at This is she……… oh, wait a minute, they do. They’re called normal students, the ones who pay no attention in English class because they hear nonsense like that.
Related to this is the use of the plural form of crisis, crises, in the singular. Why? Because the normal pronunciation, crisis, sounds pedestrian compared to the elegant Latin plural in es, crises, so when people never learn that it is a plural form, they use it precisely because it stands out and so sounds somewhat out of the ordinary colloquial, so therefore elegant. “Oh, we have a crises here.” Lordy, lordy, lordy.

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