Judgment Day – The Job Interview

The Job Interview instantiates the dicta of the teacher and in this way performs the role that Judgment Day plays among the faithful. It’s when everything comes out in the wash and nothing is hidden, whether it be sin or class origin. One slip of the “ain’t” variety and you are cast into the pit of menial labor or clerical status no managerial positions for you.
What I always find hilarious about this is that most of the time, the interviewer speaks the same dialect as the interviewee (I hate those ee words). An “ain’t” would flow past along with the “me and hims” and “didn’t get nones”. But given the religious origins of teaching, we will never be rid of judgment day as the ultimate Meet Your Maker decision point: either you followed the model of your teacher and applied everything taught, or you were a sluggard and a dullard.

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