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Joy! Joy! Joy! One of my best trips to the annual VNSA booksale, the biggest in the U.S. I’ve been going since 1958 and I was even interviewed on TV this time. But the best part was I finally found a volume of Kristin Lavransdatter in Norwegian, volume II The Cross. Then I found a Norwegian crime novel by Anne Holt, one of my targets, but it turned out to have been translated into Danish (so much for my ability to distinguish one Scandahoovian language from another). I found all 15 volumes of Patrick O’Brians Aubrey-Maturin sea novels that I was missing there’s 20 of them and since I’m so often at sea, they’ll make great reading. AND, I’ve always wanted Shelby Foote’s 3 volume history of the Civil War and I got that.
Realizing I hadn’t checked back to see if the other 2 volumes of K.L. were in a box under the table, I asked my buddy who was going the next day to check and in the process found out that his daughter’s college roommate is Norwegian and the daughter is going to visit her in Norway this summer, so I can just get the books I want then (K.L., Anne Holt and Jo Nesbo crime novels and the first Harry Potter book).
My cup runneth over.

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