Sonia Sotomayor – Mi Mundo Adorado

I’m reading the Supreme Court Justice’s autobiography translated into Spanish. Unlike many of the books in my book club reading list, this one is hard to put down. The Spanish is also easy, perhaps because it’s a translation. I’m getting a few new vocab items, like un dia entre semana for a weekday But it’s her story that fascinates, seeing how someone could rise from her background to the heights – some would say higher than a president. I noted to my wife, after reading the part about her “voicing” a long-dead relative at her father’s wake, that probably a lot more minorites – Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and others – have such experiences in their background than Whites, although my grandmother did take me to a wake. She also believed in hoot owls forecasting death, etc. I wonder how many Whites are in families where those beliefs still hold and how many minorities are. While it displays a rich cultural heritage it also serves to alienate minorities from people who have never had those experiences. I have nothing supernatural in my life, not even a Supreme Being……. other than werewolves, that is. Those suckers are REAL!

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