Supreme Court opens flood gates for big donors

Why would Supreme Court justices undermine the democratic participation of Americans by swamping their contributions, monetary and in service, with the billions possessed by a handful of wealthy individuals and even corporations? It is their world view. They believe society should be run by the elite, the property owners, the job creators, the 1%, the superior race, men, men of substance, Christian men of substance, White Christian men of substance……….. you see where this is going and why people were not happy to see woman on the SC, or Jews, or minorities. They love Clarence Thomas b/c he routinely sides with the Quality Folk. Does Thomas actually believe as they do, believe that society should be run by an elite, and does he believe they consider him to be part of that elite? One wonders. One wonders a lot about Clarence Thomas.
Where do we get these people, esp the Scalias and the Thomases who were never part of the elite, being minorities few Americans would have accepted Scalia 60 years ago as in the same class as a North Atlantic White. Wait a minute! Those other guys are Catholics! They weren’t accepted either. Why have they joined this KKK model of America? They are accepted now, that’s why. And why are they accepted? Because the KKK approved Americans are losing ground. For every one that graduates law school five are living in trailer parks and the only manufacturing they are engaged in is meth. As the White American middle class gets hollowed out, non-KKK approved models of Americans must be brought in to bolster the base: thus conservative Catholics, Neocon Jews, and Negroes and even proper English speaking Hispanics aka Mesicans.
To take my tongue out of my cheek slightly I do urge people to look closely at the philosophy of our justices on the SC. A blessing for us liberals is the number of conservatives and Republicans in high places who come right out and spew this crap, fawning over the billionaires and hoping to ride out the gathering storm into a safe harbor with an off-shore account in their name…… or at least a job as bartender to the elite. What the Democrats have not done but Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, the MSNBC crew, and other less visible figures have done is put the conservative Republican face out there, playing clips from those wonderful Town Halls over and over and over, so the mass of working people who vote Republican based on Fox News commentary can see what is in store for them.
It could be that women would listen to what the Republicans have in store for them if they don’t have a powerful husband to protect them, and to protect their daughters. It could be that Hispanics will realize that if they do not vote, those racist goof-balls will start by deporting the “illegals” and proceed to firing people who speak Spanish on the job, refusing schooling to students who do not speak English, and denying the vote to those adults whose English is not native-like. Even if they vote Republican, Hispanics will get some protection, just for their vote.
To my way of thinking, it will take just one good hit on our country economic, geopolitical, terrorist, something to scare people even further to set off a trend toward fascist measures that will guarantee the demise of our democracy. That, after all, is what the people who say we are not a democracy but a republic really want. The SC is paving the way.

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