Stranglehold of the Wealthy

All of this is happening in my own household with my student grandchildren and my teacher son and son-in-law. When will people break the stranglehold the wealthy have on our politics and demand a system in which money is not the sole determining factor? We may elect presidents, but until we do something about Congress and our state legislatures, we will continue to see big money call the shots and those shots (for the most part; we must be fair to the well-intended if ignorant rich) are #1 anti-union, #2 pro-defense industries #3 the energy industry #4 big business/corporations #5 investors like hedge fund managers who are looking for new fields to invest in like education. Re #1, I think one reason teachers are targeted is b/c they have the biggest union; if big money can break the teachers union by making us all run scared, they will have an easier time with AFSCME and other unions. It’s all part of hollowing out the middle class and, sadly, many of our colleagues have joined this cabal via their fear of domination by……… put in your own demon (Communism, Secular Humanism, The Homosexual Agenda, Abortion Providers, Big Porn, Fascism, Obama’s Negro Army, Evolution, anti Christmasism, Atheism, Climate Change Hoaxters, Pointy-Headed Liberal Perfessers, Mexican Immigrants, Foreigners in General, the Soviet Union (yes, that’s right, the USSR), Putin and His Asiatic Minions……. IOW, the Fox News line up every night).

This was in response to a letter written by a jr h.s. kid protesting Common Core and posted to moretprs.

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