More words: tiff, and awning to boot

To boot” is a good expression to know and every language has something like it. It’s the sort of thing that is not quite an idiom nor a lexical item standing alone. Most would just label it an expression.

“Tiff” I put in as another one of those words in a language that someone could go a long time without ever learning or even encountering. Some native speakers probably never use it but I would say most would recognize it. It’s a nice word because it avoids the rancorous sense of “fight” or “quarrel” and seems to promise a make-up if not a make-out session at the end.

And “awning”? It’s just one of those words you suddenly need; I’ve run across it any number of times in reading Spanish and I think Russian, but darned if I can remember how to say it. If I see it in Spanish, I do recognize it though. Can you circumlocute? Sure: “that fabric stretched over a window to keep the sun off” or some such. I note that the Russian zont is the base of zontik = umbrella. Two other words mean the same thing, like there are two words for “apron”: farshtuk and perednik. Typical of Russian.

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