Think about it…… Romney as President

Think about what happened election night. Everyone saw it; it wasn’t like the moon landing, which could be denied as a fake. We all saw it, heard it. Romney thought he was going to win. He was sure of it. So was his staff. So was his wife…… obviously, by her appearance at the concession speech. We all saw it. It is not a figment of MSNBC, of some liberal interpretation. He and his people just knew they had it in the bag.

Why? Because, like dictators and kings, everyone around him, all his advisors, all his pollsters, learned one thing: if you want to keep your job (or your head), you tell the boss what he wants to hear, just good news. I haven’t read anything much about his campaign but I imagine this must be what happened; otherwise, how could they not have known?

So Romney and company believed the hype, the hype that political campaigns sometimes use to generate momentum or at least spin. But these people believed it; they believed FoxNews, they believed Limbaugh, the believed the shysters and sycophants. Now, picture a man like Romney as president of the United States. Think about it.

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