How about “stupid” for this?

What is stupid? For us liberals, it’s the person who attacks an Iranian or Cuban because of something the Ayatollah or Castro did, being too stupid to realize that these people are here precisely b./c they fled those people and despise them as much as the person attacking them does. But it just doesn’t penetrate throw rocks, break windows, yell ethnic slurs…. it’s all good fun and ways to express one’s patriotism for the stupid class.
In classrooms here in the Southwest, if you say, “Carlos Fuentes was a great Mexican writer”, the kids will shush you and say you shouldn’t say “that”. What’s “that”? The word Mexican. For them, it’s an ethnic slur b/c all they ever hear in their homes is, “More damned Mexicans sneaking across the border and taking our jobs” or “Some drunk Mexican hit your father’s car in the parking lot”, or “ Look at those Mexicans the police are arresting all of them are gangsters”. So they grow up thinking “Mexican” is a slur. But for a country that turned “French” and “Frenchman” into a slur just a few years ago, I guess that’s to be expected.

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