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The only way I’m going to get traffic on my blog is to blog every day. Even in retirement, I’ve found that difficult. Earlier I wrote I would make notes on what I’m reading and I’ve done some of that. But I try to fit it into a category and that’s where I get stuck. So I think I’m going to do two things: do a “ramblings” entry just about every day and set up a new category called Anecdotes where I tell anecdotes without a specific category targeted, usually things that have happened to me that I think illustrate a point.
So today I’ll mention that I watched Francis Fukuyama’s appearance on CSPAN where he speaks about the kleptocracy of Russia; they keep the people distracted by nationalism. What do our plutocrats use? I would say social conservative issues like “the homosexual agenda”, “abortion on demand”, “amnesty for illegals”, and so on, but underlying it all one hears the cri de coeur: I want my country back, which a lot of us took to refer to the days of White dominance. Losing that special place at the top of the hierarchy, no matter how poor, uneducated and toothless you were, that a white skin gave you has dealt a sickening blow to many people in this country. A Black president just shoved the point right into the heart. These people already felt that their place at the table was being encroached on by minority groups b/c of the beliefs these dispossessed people have, e.g. the gummint is giving White peope’s tax dollars to Blacks, Mexican illegals are taking over the jobs, homosexuals are imposing their life-style on all of us, and there’s even a war on Christmas. How similar is that to the pathetic nationalism invoked by the elites in Russia?

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