Autistic vocabulary

My almost ten-year-old grandson, with a birthday the 9th of Dec., was talking to his Mema, my wife, and she said to him, teasing, Well, when is your birthday? He looked at her askance and replied, “You don’t know?” Disapproval with alarm.

he’s the same kid who was watching a war movie and asked a question, to which I replied searching for a word for groups of soldiers other than platoon or squad. He said, “Oh, you mean their unit.” Yeah, I assented.

He’s been reading books on war and had one on the Viet-Nam war. He had questions about a number of items in the book, but it was a while before I noticed that for every item he offered its page number. That is the autism. He tracks things very carefully and woe betide thee should you change the schedule of things a bit. He notices.

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