A question of values: well-being or competition?

My understanding of the mechanics of economic exploitation in this country were as good as any other citizen’s; what I lacked was an understanding of the psychology of it: why did people pulling in 2-3 million dollars a day or a billion every year need still more money? Whatever investments they made simply yielded more money. There is plenty they could do with the money, but for the most part, they just seemed intent on sheltering it from the tax man and doing little with it. Finally it was explained in a series of books and articles by those who explore the motivations of the rich: it’s competition. They don’t look at their million dollar a day income and compare that to my 250 or so a day. they compare theirs to the other billionaire’s 2 million a day and panic.
We can look at another recent comparison quite a bit in the news: the U.S. and Cuba. At the reestablishment of diplomatic relations, Cuba beats us out a bit in two major areas: life-expectancy and infant mortality. But here we see the same difference between the superrich and me: they know their daughters’ babies will be born healthy and thrive and they themselves will have the best medical care to extend their lives, so………. they don’t care. That is their mentality.
And I am perfectly aware of the millionaires and billionaires who contribute greatly to society through charity foundations, etc. But that’s not what is ruining our economy.

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