Expanded response to an flteach post

I shouldn’t keep this going, but you keep pointing up essential issues. The racism we have to deal with is not a moral issue and certainly not a matter of personal morality; few people are willfully and consciously racist. It is structural and institutional racism that continues to create a political divide unlike anything I’ve seen in my 73 years. I hope you can persuade people to look at this. I seldom find anything new under the sun (note my Kids These Days category on my blog: the nonsense of nostalgia for a past that never existed – remember when Richard Lee called my perfectly fine childhood Dickensian b/c he never saw what was happening around him?), but I do recall people ignored the signs of the coming revolution in Russia and the Nazi takeover in Germany; remember the scene in The Godfather in Cuba when the revolutionary blew himself and the police up? Michael was astute enough to see the signs. We could yet blow apart as we did in 1861.

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