Liberal bias

Now that I’ve got your attention:

MSNBC has a liberal bias; Fox News lies. We all know what lying is. Let’s see what a bias is. I have a liberal bias. If you mention states’ rights, a legitimate issue in a federal system like ours, my mind immediately goes to a school-house door in Alabama. To me, states’ rights are a means to make Black people in the state and any Black person coming into that state a second-class citizen. When I married my wife in 1964, it took four more years before we could travel to any of 18 states in our own country and have our marriage considered legal…. and if you are old enough, you will remember that getting a hotel or motel room together was often a matter of proving you were married.
Therefore, I have to work a bit to listen to your possibly reasonable and objective views on states’ rights. OTOH, if I tell you I was lynched in 1965 in Texas b/c I was married to a Black woman, that would be an outright lie. That’s what Fox News does. I listened to it for 12 straight hours one miserable day. They lie, knowingly. Not to speak of their attitudes and abysmal ignorance. So stop equating Fox and MSNBC as equivalent, one on the right and one on the left they are not. MSNBC commentators have a liberal bias (except Joe Scarborough) and Fox lies.

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