We went to a financial information meeting tonight. During the presentation, the presenter mentioned often the losses occurred in 2008, and then asked, “Would you deliberately run into somebody with your car?” A guy up front said, “Only if Obama were here.”

Who created the recession? You have to be deeply stupid not to know it was the no-regulation crowd. Now, if someone had made a remark like that about a conservative politician, there would have been an outcry against violent rhetoric. But for Obama, anything goes. That’s b/c he’s Black, pure and simple. I truly believe Bush and Cheney, at least, should be prosecuted; if they ever step outside the U.S. they will be and may wind up hanging from lamp posts b/c they deliberately led this country into a war that cost over 4000 American lives and tens of thousands of Iraqi lives. Do we prosecute for that? Should we? Apparently that whole regime is given a pass.

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