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The list is long, as I am going from book to book daily. The Teacher Wars has produced some good information and perspectives already with just the introduction. My book club selection, Los Enamoramientos, is going along but not really gripping. The Village Effect has yet to get to what effect our modern life has had on our biological, evolutionary heritage. The Story of Ain’t is reaching its climax
and I’m enjoying the recounting of all the characters involved as the story reaches into my youth and I can remember some of the actors. The Troubadours is into the origins now and I may not read much more than that, but it is fascinating how these people constructed an art form that resonates down to our own day. Reading the lyrics tests one’s knowledge of Romance, too, and the ideals behind troubadour poetry test one’s concept of romance. I’m continuing with Cavafy’s Alexandria; just now I’m still in the chapter that deals with his sexuality. The later chapters deal with his creation of myth and I don’t know how interesting I will find that. Then the two Brinton books, one on the history of English and one on aspect in English verbs, are both gripping indeed. There are features of the history of English book that I find helpful despite having read a lot of other books on the exact same thing, e.g. vowel changes from OE to ME, etc. The review of various concepts of aspect and aktionsart in English is a challenging but enlightening. I have commented on several articles in The Handbook of Teaching Language and there remain a few I’d like to read. I think I’ll stop here.
3/17/15 addendum:
My ASU list consists of Authority in Language, Alternate Histories of English, The History of English, aspect in English verbs whose title escapes me, Sacred Possessions on the chain of traits known as possession throughout the African Diaspora, Defining Creole, The Missing Spanish Creoles, Cavafy’s Alexandria, Modern Greek Poetry, and Handbook of the Troubadours. I just finished the chapter on translation in the latter – full of intriguing observations, just the sort of thing I entered into so much reading in other languages for [how do you like THAT ending a sentence with a preposition, Mavens?].
Once I finish these, I’m checking out Maldonado’s A Media Voz and perhaps Matthews’ Morphology as well as Quirk’s massive grammar of English. Day after tomorrow we discuss Calderon in our book club. I can’t make head nor tails of it.

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  1. Sandra Verbeke says:

    Yes, I read most often from Your blogs on Racism / well the expanding ANTI-racism

    BUT for 24 hours
    I am, Yes, skipping around in your 21 years of Blogging.
    I found your First in Sept. 2000. (I think 1st)
    then I went to the Year You wrote the MOST blogs. 219 for the year of 2015 .
    I don’t know why, wanted to see Topics of 2015, I guess.

    Please note – This is sublimely Complimentary… But my wonderment jumps to > > > How in the universe — does one person read this voluminous, billowing tower of books of extensive, massive Topics ? (jesting – do you Not Eat or Sleep ?)

    We followers are given the gift of all your readings and boutiful thinking / feeling, that come from your experience and perspectives of all…
    Here is me , (SV) knowing, it will keep me reading for the decades I remain on the earth plane…
    Grateful Recognition Enclosed.

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