My plan for the next month or so…..

My plan is to read at 15 minute stretches in each of the 10 books I have checked out from ASU until I finish them all, then take them back and check out A Media Voz and just go through it. Meanwhile, I’ll be keeping up with Urdu and my Spanish book club selection. Once I’ve got that done, I’ll move to my Circuit and my Reading Ladder. I’ve got several books out of the library plus several hundred on my list here, books on my shelf I’ve wanted to get to for years. All of the books from ASU I’m reading are on topics that fit my Reading Ladder (poetry, history, culture, etc.), so I am staying the course. What I’m dropping for now is the Circuit, my reading in the 9 languages I am working in: Spanish, Latin, French, Italian, Russian, Urdu, Kweyol, Greek, Norwegian. All is well.

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