Summer time ramble

Finally, for the fifth time, I’m starting regular postings. It’s still going to take me time to organize the blog. I want to start with Basics and Pat’s World View to set up a base camp, a staging area, for venturing out into issues about language, culture, and education. With luck, I will weave a seamless web……… OK, that metaphor doesn’t work, but you know what I mean. How do we create a livable society in the face of ignorance, greed, prejudice, and stupidity? No easy task, but with enough rock n roll, we can do it.
Organizing the blog is an exciting intellectual adventure. Working my therapy is an exciting physical adventure. Planning my elder grandson’s 30th birthday party July 4 is an exciting social adventure. Reading my books is another intellectual adventure and studying my languages is a combination of intellectual and artistic as I struggle through the poetry of several traditions. Organizing the housework is……. not exciting. Oh! Cooking. Yes, trying to keep my wife on a diet that is good for her and one that gets the love handles off of me. No matter how much you exercise, if you eat wrong, you get fat around your middle at least men do.

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