What language to choose

I choose languages to learn by accident, usually. For example, Urdu because
a psychologist I was working with was a native speaker and was willing to
help me get started. Then it got richer and richer. Certainly Persian would
be as rich. The languages I read and study are: Norwegian, Spanish, Urdu,
Russian, Latin, French, Haitian Creole, Italian, and Greek. I’m interested
in reading the literature of all of them but the structure is what
fascinates me the most. Persian is pretty accessible, so I may add that in
after I’ve reached the stage of reading in those others; in our country,
Rumi is quoted a lot. There are ancient languages I work on, too: Old
English, Middle English, Old Norse. I’ve done this all my life and am
enjoying my retirement when I can read and study all I want.

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