First sighting

I saw my first Confederate flag protest shirt today: a young woman was wearing one with a furled Confederate flag with the slogan “It Shall Not Come Down”. Fittingly, it had a death’s head overlaying the flag. Death and hate, the great heritage. And we’re supposed to pay tax dollars to keep that flag flying over government buildings? How about a Nazi flag flying over the Mayor’s office in New York, just to honor the valor of German soldiers?

The political leaders of the Confederacy would have been hanged in any normal civil war, hanged as traitors. The military people would have been stripped of any honors.

What the people who fly the flag want is the Federal government out of their business so they can reinstate segregation: that’s all they care about and all that flag, which began flying only in 1962, ever stood for. As a high school kid in Arizona in the 50s, I saw White kids waving that flag and I knew exactly what they were saying with that act. Only an apologist for racism, someone defending treating Blacks as unequal, would deny that simple historical fact.

The carniceria is El Herradero, about a half mile or less east of Food City on Ray.

For the two beefs and chicken, when you order you ask for it “preparada/o”. I recommend diezmillo and ranchera cuts for the best tastes, and I’m sure you’ll like their chicken.

Other things on the menu:

various salsas (sold at the Herradero; I recommend these over the salsas at Food City that look the same)
any other green salad
corn tortillas (I get Guerrero brand)
flour tortillas (I think they have these at the Herradero), in smaller and larger siizes
fruit salad or fruit bowl

I hope I got everything, Pat. Have Letha look it over, and just remind me of anything I missed.

It was great to see you at church and then visit over breakfast.


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