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This one gets to me. I recall the way non-members at my school would badmouth the union but gladly take the benefits we won and stupidly shared with them, by our own policy. It’s more of the Obama approach: just keep being nice to them and eventually they’ll stop eating your lunch. Now that Obama is in his last phase and has seen just how much you can trust Republicans to work for the good of the nation, he’s finally calling them out. If we were to tell people to either support the union or stay out, we might force them to rethink their position. But as long as they get the benefits, they’ll sit back and throw rocks while enjoying the bennies.
“Your move, NEA.
If other states did this, the NEA would quickly lose members. The liability insurance is the only reason I’ve been a member all these years. I’d drop them like a hot potato if the state provided that insurance.”

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