Quotes re Obama:

This is what for many was so bracing about the end of June. This has been a long long seven years. What seemed like an uncertain list of achievements, long on promise but hacked apart by mid-term election reverses and Obama’s sometimes over-desire for accommodation, suddenly appeared closer to profound, like a novel or a play which seems scattered or unresolved until all the pieces fall into place, clearly planned all along, at the end. Josh Marshall TPM
For most of his supporters, this was the Obama they always wanted. And he’s giving it to them. What comes off to reporters as testiness is more like the indifference of someone who’s got work to do and is intent on doing it.

As unlikely as it seemed, my wife and I kept saying that Obama was makingsome very long range moves. When Romney was getting so much attention in the summer of 2012, I often went to be with my heart in my mouth. And then the election – blow out! I see Frank Luntz is back on TV now; how long did they make him wander in the wilderness for so completely sealing the bubble the GOP was cowering in? These last two years have seen the moves of a chess master and this election, from the campaigns to the outcome, will be the shah mat, the coup de grace. I’m seeing judicial system reform with pardons for lots more people, immigration reform, an Iran deal, participation of many countries including Iran in quieting the Middle East, a revulsion against the Right in Israel, and who knows what else. The beginning of the culmination is the Republican debates where Trump leads and Fox has egg on its face. Maybe the DOJ will take down Limbaugh’s dealer.
Well, some of this will happen, most likely something on the judicial system and immigration. The Republicans have manoeuvered themselves into a corner, relying on a base that is repulsive to most Americans, dependent on a few donors whose agenda is becoming plainer and plainer, and having covered themselves in muck going along with racist rants against Obama as if they had any merit. It’s all coming back to bite them on the butt and by not “standing up to them” like we all wanted, Obama has roped a dope and Republicans are stuck with Rince Priebus.

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