Who will pay?

Few people would argue that the invasion of Iraq was the right thing to do and I use the word “people” advisedly because Bill Kristol et al. are not so much people as they are mouth pieces for jingoistic rhetoric. So now we sit back and say that was a really bad thing. We oughta shoulda learn from that. And from now on, just like Munich, it will be used as a monitory device to keep others from making similar stupid mistakes.
But what do we do with education reform now that we are in the midst of it? No matter how loud we yell, the reformistas just keep piling on disaster after disaster. Now Kansas is decertifying 6 districts, by which I mean not that they are taking certificates away from the districts but rather are permitting those districts to use non-certified teachers, subject area specialists. Obama and Duncan dangled millions of dollars before states’ noses and got the race to the bottom, with Common Core used to chase teachers out of the profession and charter schools to rehire them at minimum wage, those who didn’t take jobs as bus boys.
Will Rahm Emmanuel and Bill Gates ever stand trial alongside Obama and Duncan? I think not.

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