We need a CI checklist

guys. requesting some patience here: I am really interested in getting a more detailed / best available idea of the natural/universal/most common order of aquisition – i.t.o. vocab and structures, morphemes, phrasal verbs, common collocations etc etc
That post came to a listserv. It is an example of why I’ve decided to stop posting directly to that listserv; I have questions about what information is available to fl teachers, but if I pose those, I am pretty sure, based on past experience, I will be accused of being unhelpful and even a bit hostile. So my question is posed here: where in tprs and CI literature is it explained that the natural order is a hypothesis of Krashen’s and one posited by a number of other SLA folk? Recently this was discussed on the listserv itself, how we do not know the specifics of the natural order for any language. We have a few hints about English and fewer about Spanish just b/c those languages are so commonly taught, but even for them, there is nothing to lay out to say here is the order in which learners in a natural environment “pick up” the features of the TL.
Perhaps even if one person comes to my blog and reads this, they can point to some place in which it is explained that a list of features attained in the natural order process is unavailable. I know it’s in one of my books I’ve read recently but I don’t have the time to search for it.

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