Heading into my w/o …. nap first

Not a daily log but anything that prompts discussion can go here. I’d like people to chime in with what they have found works for them. I just came back from the gym and my first go-round with my new program. My dentist this morning found my b/p too high (169/106) and as soon as I got home it dropped to 183/ 90, not great but lots better and a bit later into the 140s/80s. The big question is: does this fluctuating b/p really portend serious problems and will the person stating that please offer evidence that is not contradicted by something else?
Back to the workout (w/o): it is the longest I’ve ever done at 1 hr 15 min, but that incl a half-hour warm-up. The warm-up itself is a real w/o.
Picking this up again two days later. I am about to take a quick nap and then go into the gym around my favorite time, 3 in the afternoon. I was happy to see that according to an energy cycle chart, that is the best time for physical exertion. It always has been for me. My naps may be the result of let-downs from coffee jags since I drink about 50 oz. of coffee throughout the morning. I always eat a hearty breakfast of eggs, fruit, avocado, maybe meat like bacon, and maybe a piece of toast or a tortilla.
My weight is up right now but not bad and I’ll lose it quickly. I am very much looking forward to my w/o today, esp since I figured out I was doing my dips wrong and my backward (reverse) lunges correctly. The latter turned out to be harder than I thought they would be and so I checked and sure enough the barbell is to be held overhead; that exercise has to be done first before anything else b/c it is designed to loosen up your quads and lower back so you can do a proper hanging leg raise. That is exciting, too.
But not as exciting as the immense progress I’m making on pull-ups: I’m doing a 3-2-2-2-1 schedule with 1 minute rest and I’m pulling my head above the bar. Fantastic.
What prompted me to finally start this category was how good I feel; my body feels tight and I feel energetic. I’ll turn 74 in a few days and I am watching as I progress through the early 70s b/c I read an article when I was about 70 that said that no matter how well you follow a w/o schedule, you will lose muscle mass as you head into your late 70s. The other day, I measured myself and found that indeed, despite an intensive series of programs, my measurements show a slight decrease in size. That could result from several factors but I’m watching and focusing on building muscle size whereas before I was working on strength.
Note a long discussion on diet in the first entry to this category back in 2009.

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