Kle Kle Kle

Something made me think of that passage in Cuba and Its Music where Ned Sublette recalls that Tito Puente’s call during performances that would so excite the crowd, kle kle kle, was from the Abakua ceremonies, the Afro-Caribbean religion of Cuba of which most audience and all band members were members. So I searched for the passage in the book but couldn’t find it, so I may have parts of this recollection wrong, but my point in bringing into the discussion was:
How the people of the African Diaspora meld religion and music. Nothing in the music of people of European origin, as far as I know, matches the performances of artists like Sam & Dave or Desi Arnaz’ (as Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy) in bringing in the sounds, styles, words, chords and rhythms of sacred music into secular performances. It is another manifestation of the refusal of the people of the African Diaspora to separate religion from life.
BTW, in the process of looking for this tidbit, I searched my blog and could find no reference to kle kle kle but did find some excellent articles I put into the two categores African Diaspora and Music of the African Diaspora.

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