Exercising the last few weeks

Not a daily log but anything that prompts discussion can go here. I’d like people to chime in with what they have found works for them. I just came back from the gym and my first go-round with my new program. My dentist this morning found my b/p too high (169/106) and as soon as I got home it dropped to 183/ 90, not great but lots better and a bit later into the 140s/80s. The big question is: does this fluctuating b/p really portend serious problems and will the person stating that please offer evidence that is not contradicted by something else?
Back to the workout (w/o): it is the longest I’ve ever done at 1 hr 15 min, but that incl a half-hour warm-up. The warm-up itself is a real w/o. The biggie is the one-legged squat, up to 55 seconds on a leg! I can feel the difference.
The down side is that I have gained about 7 pounds. But my wife is starting her diet today and I should be able to go back to my Spartan diet and quickly lose it, thus exposing my massive six-pack.
My arthritic knees are doing a lot better with the one-legged squat but I am sighting in on doing my physical therapy regularly.

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