Teaching the alphabet

I think I discussed this earlier. I taught Russian for 20 years and found myself not teaching the alphabet, which is different from the Latin (it’s called Cyrillic). Kids just picked it up, but then I didn’t ask for a lot of output like spelling tests. The same for Spanish and Latin, although, oddly enough, Latin uses………. the Latin alphabet. All 3 languages are fairly phonetic, unlike French or English. I find German pretty phonetic also, tho I taught it only one year and that was a second year class.

What I’ve been breaking my teeth on is the Urdu alphabet, the Arabic alphabet. It’s taken me years and I still don’t read fluently. If anyone knows some hoodoo that will help me with my Urdu, let me know. Smile
p.s. I was told when I started teaching Russian that some teachers had spent a whole year just on the alphabet.

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