Picture files

I have a monster picture collection, what Terrell called picture files, thousands of them sorted and classified. I found those worked better than stilted pictures, e.g. a picture for “teacher” as a guy in a tie with a piece of chalk in his hands vs a picture of a teacher with a funny look on his face or dressed funny with students in the background, a messy desk, etc., all giving us plenty to talk about in each picture.
I hope one day to teach language again, perhaps to immigrants (I started in high school accompanying my French teacher twice a week to night classes of English for the Foreign Born (love the name) where I helped adult students from all over the globe. The pictures would work great. Due to limitations, I had trouble using them to the extent I wanted in my regular high school classes. I often used them for tests, setting them up on the chalk tray with numbers written over them and students would respond in writing (or orallY) to each picture.

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