Update – coffee with ghee

Update to the health log: we went to a Doctor Richard Jacoby way up in Scottsdale, a long trip for us. My wife has been having severe pain in her heels which prevented her from exercising. One doctor referred her to another who prescribed prescription Aleve – it helped but within 2 days she was getting blood in her saliva.

So she found Jacoby on-line. Within a minute he had examined her, questioned her, revealing that he had actually read the several sheets of medical history, and chatted with us. He was the first doctor to x-ray her feet, even though that was the site of the pain. It turns out he is published and is well-known, so well known that when we returned to Chandler and were talking to the shoe store clerk and mentioned how happy we were with the visit to the podiatrist, she said, “Oh, is it Dr. Jacoby?” Amazed, we said yes and she extolled his virtues, having been his patient as a child.

Anyway, his diet is similar to one I’ve been trying to go on: it is based on the idea that sugar is totally toxic and is responsible for legions of illnesses. I had read mostly about the Paleo diet and I had read Taubes. He knows all these people, including the head of the anthropology dept at ASU, the discoverer of Lucy.

The only gimmick in the diet is to start your day with a cup of coffee containing ghee i.e. organic unsalted butter from grass-fed cows. The rest of it is just to stay off carbohydrates. I will keep you informed.

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