What Chris said

Chris has mentioned this more than once and it is something about fl teachers generally that bothers me a lot. Most seem to think that the brain processes languages both input and output the way a human analyzes and describes a language and puts it in a textbook….. paradigms and flow-charts and little boxes connected with arrows with suffixes available to be tacked on appropriately. Not so.
That’s why “natural fl learning” has its own term: acquisition. Acquiring a fl is not the same as learning one. I’ve learned several and if you want, contact me off-list and I’ll give you my phone number and you can call me and converse with me in Spanish or French, then converse with me in Russian or Urdu or Latin and hear the difference. In the first set my speech will be “fluent” not commanding all words or even forms in the language but the words will flow or “fall out of my mouth” as the tprs-ers say; in the latter set, the monitor will be in heavy use and it’ll sound like it. The source of the difference is that I used Spanish and French a lot but not the latter 3. I am a fast monitor user but I’m connecting the boxes and the arrows and searching mental word lists. I enjoy it but it’s not fluent.
So I just hope everyone does close reading of Chris’ posts.

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