Response to Mike Cox’s post

Mike’s post forces us to look very closely at what happens when we interact and in that interaction, someone learns. As the late departed Yogi Berra said, “You can observe a lot just by watching.” So simple it seems redundant but not really b/c “observe” connotes a scientific detachment and watching can be done with or without judgment.
Once we let our judgments be known, even if only in the form of unstated expectations, the channeling begins. That is appropriate for some learning, inappropriate for other types of learning. IMHO, acquiring language is done when the mind is free of what it’s “spozed” to do. That’s b/c the mind with its LAD has its own tasks to perform and does that best without interference from an active “monkey brain” trying to satisfy teacher. When that sort of thing happens in history, literature or religion class, it’s called indoctrination. Other subjects may find a place for it, I don’t know.

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