Effects of diet on b/p

Recently Lance wrote to me: “Yep, it works. The oil/fat binds with caffeine creating a slow release/timed release amount of the drug rather than a punch all at once, followed by a crash. This is probably needed with a lower sugar diet in order to sustain energy”
This has aided me in getting off sugar and carbs and my b/p has been plummeting even though I eat items that do not meet the criteria of the diet. My weight is still going up after going down to my normal. I think that may be from the fact that we eat out after a doctor’s visit and we have a doctor’s appt almost every day now. I prefer to think I am gaining muscle from my new exercise program and that that is causing the extra weight. I am not concerned b/c I can drop 10 lbs quickly. My energy level is very good and my knees are doing well.
My wife was given a physical therapy program to follow and we made a pact to do ours together. Without the P.T., I do pretty well b/c a number of my gym workouts include items for strengthening of hips, back, and legs, all of which alleviates some of the stress on the knees. Flexibility is part of it, too.
Last night we really splurged big-time and ate at the Top of the Rock; we used to eat there often. I had something called beef cheeks, actually the inside of the cheeks of a cow. It had a lot of other stuff with it like hominy. It was fantastic, all of it, even the grits cum cream cheese and egg!! My wife’s salmon was scrumptious and neither of us care for salmon that much. The dessert which the waitress gave us on the house a blueberry compote, was subtle but rich nonetheless. I had an ale that was dreamy and the coffee was superb.
Today my b/p is OK. Before starting the diet cum hot buttered coffee, my first measure on getting up in the morning was always the highest. It usually dropped within minutes or at at least within a couple of hours. The doctor said this was not good as it indicated orthostatic hypertension i.e. something wrong with the mechanism that regulates b/p in relation to posture. The longer I stay in bed, the higher it is, usually. So it has been running something like 150s over 100s or higher or a bit lower, then it drops shortly after rising. After being on the diet a week, it began averaging 130s-140s over high 80s, a lot better. During the day, the readings are now WNL (within normal limits).
Addendum 9/27: b/p on rising: 168/100. 7 minutes later: 153/94.

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