Crossover point in program

Yesterday’s workout did seem to mark a crossover point: the prone cobra and one-legged squat were actually relatively easy (emphasis on relatively); on the squats I even had a staff member push my clasped hands around (up & down, back & forth, etc.) while I held the position in order to stress my core more. He suggested I could get the same thing by waving a weight plate or 5 or 10 # around.
I went to 5,4,3,2,2 on pull-ups and did fine except on 4 where I struggled a bit. Other exercises went equally well. So I decided that instead of changing my w/o I would add sets, so 5 instead of 3, etc. I’ll start tomorrow on that. I may also add one or two core to warm up. The staff member also recommended I stretch after, not before, the w/o.

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