On track and off track

This exchange between Lance and Marji instantiates the whole point of putting up on a monthly basis a bullet pointed list of what tprs is and what it isn’t, but even more, what CI is and what it isn’t. We have several lists for the latter and I know Brian Barabe is working on one for the former. There have been excellent posts on both targets, CI and tprs. They seldom cover the full range of possible derailments. First, you lay down the track, then you put the gandy dancers to work keeping the track straight. The principles of CI/tprs are the tracks laid down, the list of non-CI notions and approaches are the gandy dancers. Every whip-stitch you get a post like the one I’m responding to here where someone is delighted with tprs and anxious to do good things with it but seems to have got off track somewhere. Of course, it’s their right to go off track anytime they want, but on a tprs listserv, how are we serving if we don’t provide a consistent inventory of what CI and tprs are and are not?

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