How to make Arabic letters as a two year old would

About 20 questions here. Why am I too lazy to find the Arabic alphabet? Do you want ya or ah, or both? And does the h in ah have a sound or is it just used to make the a “broad”?

OK, so here’s my attempt in the Arabic alphabet, Urdu style (anyone who can put the letters alif, ya, he, etc. up, please do so).

ya = a backward j with two dots under the hump.

a = broad a = a simple upright line, a number 1, with a tilde over the top.

ah = a+h sound as in Tehran = same as a followed by a small, lumpy circle at the bottom….. and BTW, “followed” means going from right to left, so it’d look kind of like this: o~1 , but with the tilde over the one, not next to it.

Have you ever seen anything so pitiful? And believe it or not, I’m on an Urdu list where everyone else writes in Urdu/Arabic letters!

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