Go to hear the pastor at this site…..

and then think about this:
Kevin Swanson, this pastor, says Leviticus 20:13 calls for the death of homosexuals. He conflates this with the words of Jesus.
“We are messed up,” referring to America. “America needs time to repent. America is steeped in a destructive homosexuality and. folks. they are bound for hell. It’s an issue of god’s judgment hanging on this nation.”
He is the host of the event. The three GOP candidates attended, Jindal, Cruz, and Huckabee. They had every opportunity to distance themselves from this. And it got worse, with not only calls to kill gays but discussion of ways to do so.
Now, how is that being dealt with on CNN, Fox, and other news and commentary programs? Anything like Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s simple quote from the bible that his god judges and condemns a nation for its wickedness. I will watch to see, but I doubt very much anything like that will happen. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe we’ll hear the same level of condemnation of this rant as we did of Wright’s sermon, which many saw as a rant. But Wright quoted the bible and Swanson was calling down judgment on this country in his own words, in his own right.
Oh, yeah. The difference between Swanson and Wright, the main one, is that Swanson is White and Wright is Black and the reaction to a Black man calling out to the nation to repent is very different from a White pastor like Pat Robertson or this guy doing it. The Black man is seen as a challenge to White authority, and that cannot be allowed to stand.

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