Helena Curtain?

My first thought was Helena Curtain. I couldn’t find anything in her book Languages and Children, but I have a manual she provided us in a workshop she did for our district and I found a page with two similar pictures where the teacher could do as you say, describe one and have the students guess (acertar) which one.

However, so much of her activities rely on output and it made me realize why I had so much trouble with communicative exercises: my students never had enough input before being asked to output. You can’t describe a room without a fair amount of vocabulary and at least a little grammar.

That made me realize also how it might help people on the listserv understand what sort of teaching I was doing instead of tprs, how much of it was CI or semi-CI and how much was communicative and how much was Legacy. I’ll do that soon b/c I found 3 posters with my procedures for lesson planning on them and I can copy those to a blog entry so those interested can take a gander, bearing in mind I was considered a good fl teacher.

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