Do students need to review? Response to Lori

Absolutely right, Lori. One stalwart on flteach once told me that a teacher who did not announce tests and give out review packets was not being professional. If we need review for our acquired language, then why is it when students return to school after spending the holidays with their famiies speaking their home language they don’t have to “review” before they can understand English?
Here’s a post to a listserv:
“My French 101-102 class has just ended at our community college and that is all we offer. One of my students asked me the best way to keep up with her French skills (especially speaking) outside of class. Another wants to read basic stuff. I would appreciate knowing what resources are out their to maintain language skills for relative beginners. I have recommended the free BBC french courses and this one for practicing Quebec French: “
Which student will get reinforcement for acquired French? That’s right, the ’read basic stuff’ person. The other will get incomprehensible input even with the course. Remember the mantra: shelter vocabulary not grammar.

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