Why did he pick Black women?

Again, more evidence of the racist cast of our society: a cop selects Black women, esp those with records, to victimize b/c he believes and apparently rightly so that no one will believe them. He is successful with 17 women until one had the determination and courage to bring him to justice. I am sure there are those who will argue that he picked them just b/c he likes Black women. What do we call those people?
Addendum Dec. 13, 2015
Crump, the women’s lawyer, asked why the media did not cover this. It brought to mind the new news network: WWW (Where are the White Women?) invoked, jokingly, when the blonde girl disappeared in Aruba and the media went nuts over her for months, kind of like the missing Malaysian airliner. Melissa Harris-Perry started her coverage this morning by playing a clip from her show last year showing her covering it, not mentioned but clearly present when her guests (Joy, for one) talked about the paucity of coverage.

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