From ’fire bell in the night’ to Michael Brown

Where does this immense fear of Black people come from? In the whole history of slavery in the thirteen colonies and the U.S., the slave rebellions were just about non-existent. That’s why so much is made of Denmark Vesey and other rebels, a tiny number. So why the fear? When the slaves were freed by Union troops, there were no reported acts of retribution none. And yet we read constantly of the fears of Southern Whites both during and after slavery of the brutality of Blacks. And now we are confronted, through the medium of cameras surveillance, dash, body, video, and other with the truth of the matter: police officers have maintained the same oppressive stance toward African-Americans as their slave patrollers forbearers.
The South was founded at Charleston, S.C., when settlers from the Barbadian plantocracy arrived to set up shop. On Barbados, the danger from slave rebellion was real and it permeated the society, just as it came to in the South.
This is a perfect example of the survival of an attitude over many generations, even centuries, b/c there is no justification for the fear; American slaves did no rebel in the sense of mass uprisings and the slaughter of Whites so envisioned by them as “the fire bell in the night”.

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